• Fiat 500x key fob not working

    Fiat 500x key fob not working

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    fiat 500x key fob not working

    What's New. Website Help. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Remote central locking key fob only works intermittently. Thread starter Stroppy Bird Start date Oct 12, Stroppy Bird. Recently my key fob has started working intermittently. My van is a ducato. The central locking works fine when using the buttons on the dash both lock and unlock functionsbut the remote fob just has a mind of it's own.

    Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, typically more often it doesn't. I've changed the battery in the fob for a new one but this hasn't made any difference. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can check - wires? Or am I looking at having to purchase a mega expensive remote fob? If it is a Van Bitz alarm I would contact Peter. Mention you are a funster. There's no alarm on it. It's simply the original remote central locking key fob that only works intermittently.

    Ooops sorry. My last van the alarm was connected to that and automatic.

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    If you don't get an answer soon, it might be worth private messaging Terry and him and Paul between them may be able to help you. Cheers movan. Weirdly my neighbour says his work van is the same but he just lives with it.

    I however am starting to get peed off with standing outside the van pressing the fob until something eventually happens. Try replacing just the key fob case. E Bay enter Fiat Ducato key fob. Seemed to be that the plastic stud was not bearing down enough on the contact when pushed.

    If that works ok then worth replacing the fob case. Stroppy Bird said:. Derbyshire wanderer said:. Does it only play up at home or anywhere?Are your power locks keeping you from getting into your car, or locking it when you leave?

    There are five common reasons why your car door lock is not working. The key fob battery is dead : This is one of the most common reasons why your car door lock is not working. If you go to your car dealer, they can hook the fob up to a computer and make sure that the programming is still good.

    Fiat 500X - How to replace your key fob battery

    Replacing the fuse will correct the problem. This is a cheap and easy fix. Replacing it may require removing the car door panel. If it works sometimes, you probably have a broken wire. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Door does not lock or open Inspection. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U. Fast, free online quotes for your car repair. Schedule Door does not lock or open Inspection.

    Service Area. Average rating from customers who received a Door does not lock or open Inspection. Next Step Schedule Door does not lock or open Inspection The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Door does not lock or open Inspection.

    Home Articles. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Articles. Related Questions. A bad shift interlock solenoid may be preventing the shifter from moving.

    It could also be that the shifter or shift cable hasRemember Me? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. So on this lovely Monday morning I got into my car to see my glove compartment's contents strewn over the passenger's side carpet. This would be the 2nd time it happened in a few weeks.

    OEM 2016-2017 Fiat 500x Smart Key Keyles PROX Remote Fob M3n40821302 4b

    I thought the first time I may have not locked my car - but I knew for sure this time I did. Unfortunately I didn't have much time this morning to check it out workbut from what I initially gathered is if I lock the car with the key fob the doors do not lock.

    They make a locking sound, but once I pull on the handle, the car door opens. It looks like I am able to lock a door by pushing on the inside handle before shutting it. I tried using the key inside the lock, but it didn't work I will try again. Later I will try my other key fob, but I have a feeling this may be a bigger issue. Anyone have something similar happen to them?

    Or advice. I need some reassurance as I anxiously work on my computer. Definitely getting it disinfected and cleaned during lunch. Edit: Checked to see if it's a faulty key fob - unfortunately it is not.

    Both keys are unable to lock. I can only lock the passenger door from the inside can't do it with the driver's side, so that defeats the whole purpose. I take it is an electrical problem now. Last edited by Enzo; at PM. Sounds like an electrical issue as you've determined. Hopefully the dealer can fix this easily for you.

    First I recall hearing of it so please keep us informed. If only the driver's side, it may just be a mechanical linkage problem. Originally Posted by SeaDawg. Originally Posted by Enzo. It was happening to both doors.

    I could only lock the passenger side from the inside. However, if I tried to use the key fob to lock both doors, the passenger door would unlock.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Fiat X Passive Entry. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I find the passive entry is intuitive and effortless.

    The system recognizes where the key FOB is located and will not allow locking of the vehicle when the FOB is inside the vehicle. It will also prevent starting unless the FOB is inside. One thing you have remember if you unlock any door is you need the FOB nearby to lock again using the button on the handle, otherwise it will not lock.

    Likewise if you open the trunk, it won't fully close unless the engine is running or the FOB is nearby and by nearby I mean less than 2 ft. When I closed the hatch it would repeatedly pop open not sure if I like that I'd rather it closed fully and not allowed me to lock without the FOB nearby but I'm sure there must be a reason for this.

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    Remote Start feature with a lot of functionality. Note: will not start if any door or engine hood is open. There's no specific place to put or insert the FOB so you have to keep track of where it is. I try to leave it in my pocket as that is the philosophy and purpose behind the system, safety and security.

    I think last for now, I wish the door open button would open all windows and even the sunroof like my L would do. When you vehicle is sitting in the hot sun for some time, it makes it much nicer to enter when the initial blast of hot air is gone. We love our X's, just don't tell the wife. Oh wait, she has her own. Dealer told me that walking away from the car with the key in my pocket would lock the car around 75 meters away he said.

    I'm just affraid to test that like in a parking lot or such Have you tried this? I started in the beginning using the button on the door to lock.

    Then I thought about it and I'd rather wear the button out on the remote rather than the door handle.

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    So I switched to remote door locking. When washing the car I have to take the remote out of my pocket and place it away from the car. Great thread. I too love my X. I really wish the public would catch on Thanks for the info. Last edited by 5port; at AM. It is not a valet key. It will only unlock the drivers door.

    Think dead car battery, how do you open the hood? Really good feedback everyone, thanks. I'd like to try the FOB not in the vehicle as it drives away with my wife driving in a safe area. I'm almost certain the vehicle will continue to operate normally until it is shut off by the driver.So how do you find out what problems are occurring? Any duplicates or errors? It's not us.

    fiat 500x key fob not working

    Don't waste your time wasting ours! If you are interested in advertising a for-profit service, contact us. Find something helpful?

    Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page. Add Complaint. I have reported my issues of my car completely shutting off while driving down the street weather it be 25mph or on the interstate at 70mph. I have had this issue looked at by dealerships and it continues to happen. My last incident lmao this caused me to flip my can and hit another vehicle while traveling 65 mph.

    Sometimes this cause all my light to flicker on and off. My engine feels like it's going to vibrate out of the front of my car. I have contacted Chrysler Fiat service to get help to figure this issue out properly. I was told I may have to be in a wreck for anything to be done.

    NHTSA — Electrical System Problems

    Really, sad a tech would say something like that. My first time my car stalled I was at a 4 way turning to go home. This happens literally every month. I have children I have to drive around with my car stalling on my and completely loosing power to everything.You are currently viewing the FIAT Forum as a guest which gives you limited access to our many features.

    Register now to join our community of overmembers and gain instant access to all we have to offer. Registration is fast less than 2 minutessimple, absolutely free and gives you access to a wealth of FIAT information. Register Remember Me? Members List Mark Forums Read. Hey there! Don't be shy, come join us! So what are you waiting for?

    Join the largest FIAT community on the web today! Join Date: Feb Came back to the car and nothing on the key fob would work. The door could be opened manually, and the engine turned over no problem, but would not fire up. I arrived with the standard spare key and it started first time. I tried a new battery CV in the 3 button key fob and nothing! Not sure what the problem is, could be the immobiliser side of the key has failed, or could it just need re-programming or what?

    Or does it look like a new key is required? Any ideas are welcome cheers riggie. Join Date: Mar Originally Posted by riggie. Last edited by jrkitching; at My thoughts exactly, now that I think about it the keys are two totally different designs, the standard key has the Tag moulded into the handle practically bulletproof.

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    I presume the remote key will have the Tag on the PCB board and must be connected in some way to the central locking circuit and a fault has caused both to fail simultaneously.

    If both are totally separate then I have no answers. Before this happened there were no signs at all of low battery problems, the car could lock and open from inside the house as the range was excellent. Hi John, Just tried it and no luck. It opens the door still and the engine fly's over when you turn the key. But zero ignition! I checked the old battery today and it still reads 3. We have only one option and it's to take the key and the car to get it checked and get a price for repair or new.

    I can't even strip it down to check basic connections or look for damage as I read somewhere the dealers won't touch it if it has been messed about.Fiat Key Fob Battery Replacement Guide How to change the battery in the key fob remote control for a new "Type " to Fiat with pictures. A replacement coin cell A. The only tool needed to access and replace the key fob battery is a small flathead screwdriver.

    Locate the small round silver metal switch with images of an unlocked padlock and a locked padlock next to it. Use a small flathead screwdriver to rotate the switch from the locked to the unlocked position by rotating it a quarter turn in the clockwise direction.

    Then gently pry out the edge of battery holder near the switch from the fob assembly. Push the battery holder in to the slot until it is fully seated inside the fob.

    fiat 500x key fob not working

    To test the new key fob battery, stand near your Fiat and press the "Unlock" or "Lock" buttons. If the new battery is working properly, you should see the parking lights flash and hear the door locks opening or closing. If you found this guide to be helpful, please consider making a small donation by clicking on the PayPal. Thank you! Note: I am not a registered charity. Donations are not tax deductible.

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    Please help support this website by shopping at Amazon. Thank You! Press "Fiat" Release Button. Flip Out Metal Ignition Key. This automotive maintenance tutorial was specifically written to assist owners of the "new" Type, and Fiat compact car in changing a dead battery in the combination key fob remote control and ignition key assembly for the keyless entry system. Rotate Clockwise To Unlock. Gently Pull Out Battery Tray. The first step is press the red "Fiat" button on the front of the key fob to release the flip out metal ignition key.

    Battery Holder Ejected. Battery Socket Removed. Empty Slot In Key Fob. Carefully remove the battery tray.


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